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Emergency Drill being held at Plant, Practicing Employees’ Response Skills

Release time:2015-07-21 15:07:42

Huizhou Yussen Chemical Co., Ltd conducted a live emergency drill on July 19, 2015 to help all the employees understand the necessary procedures in case of possible industrial accident. Employees were dealing with different emergency situations during the simulation. It requires the first responders to stay calm, respond fast, and handle with usual caution. Considering the actual situation on the scene, commander made some practical adjustment of the simulations. All the units of the production department react to various emergency situations by following protocol strictly. The well organized and systematic staffing made are the key to the success of this emergency drill. After the simulations, company executives evalsuated the each emergency situation responses and summarized problems. They also emphasized the significance of safety in production. Only in this way will the company be able to keep stable and sustained development.

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