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    YUSSEN CHEMICAL CO., LTD is a large chemical enterprise focusing on integrating petrochemical resources.  We provide environmentally friendly solvents.  We employ only around 130 people, but create 2 billion yuan per year.  In October, 12th 2009, company has set up in Changsha, China. In the same month, Huizhou Yussen Chemical Co., Ltd. has set up as subsidiary located in Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Company registered capital is 60,000,000.00 yuan. Our business is ranging from research on new types of materials, and sales of raw chemicals and chemical products.

     We have Independent Intellectual Property Rights regarding to our world leading technology that manufactures acetate solvents. CNOOC and Shell petrochemical company limited and CNOOC refinery Co., Ltd., Huizhou refinery branch are our major business partners. Now our manufacturing business includes three major products, Sec-butyl Acetate (100,000.00 MT per year), MTBE (20,000 MT per year), and Isooctane (180,000.00 MT per year). Our research center keeps working on the capacity expansion projects. Now we are under second phase of the project, and company's annual output value reached 4 billion yuan. After third phase of the project (by the end of 2016), our company’s annual output value will reach around 5 billion yuan.
     Our pursuit of innovation and diversity leads us to seek for better solutions for our society. By uniting human and technology resources from industry, universities and institutions, we conduct many national scientific research projects. Zhongshan University Huizhou Research Center and our company have set up The Green Solvent Engineering and Technology Center.  
     As our business strategy states:” we construct industrial instruction with creative scientific research, green technology and scale manufacture. We manufacture competitive product with wild vision, broad heart and open mind.”
We will work together with our reliable partners with honesty, integrity and respect.
What we provide is more than a green solvent for solutions, but solutions that balances economic success and environmental protection.

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