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  • 2009

    Yussen Chemical Co., Ltd. (Former "Hunan Zhongchuang New Material Co., Ltd.") has set up wolrd first plant that combines MTBE unit (80,000t/y) and SBAC unit (100,00 t/y) in one operation system.

  • 2010

    From sod-turning ceremony to plant starting operation, it only took eight months. 

    It is the fastest project duration record ever in Daya Bay Petrochemical Economic and 

    Technological Development Zone.

  • 2013

    Land use permit for the second phase of our project was issued. Warehouse expansion

     project and second phase production capacity expansion project started construction.

  • 2015

    Company name changed to “Yussen Chemical Co., Ltd.”. After one year plant building, 

    second phase  unit was successfully put into operation. While the international oil price stayed low, 

    we finished business restructure and provide competitive new product to the market. 

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