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By combining innovation and integration of resources, we create new types of chemical materials in our pursuit of sustainable development.

Through scientific method and innovation, our research and development is focused on the functional materials and biochemical materials. We provide safe, clean and environmentally friendly products. We blend in our business with sustainable development. We are also committed to the leading star in our industry.
Enterprise Strategy:

We construct industrial instruction with creative scientific research, green technology and scale manufacture. We manufacture competitive product with wild vision, broad heart and open mind.
Enterprise Mission:
Construct best team. Bring laughter to our staff.
The commitment of valued employees is the key to our company future sustainable development. We are devoted to providing a platform for our staff to achieve self value and life happiness with trust, respect and passion. Here, diligence counts, and all the efforts have payback. 
Aspire to innovation, achieve our clients
Clients’ needs are our starting point. We are not only simply providing high-quality product and services, but also sustainable solutions for clients’ better achievement. We nail the functional materials and biochemical materials field instead of traditional simple chemical product. Through cooperation among clients and research institutes, we construct win-win partnership. Only by win together, can we be able to walk further on the way to success. To accomplish win-win with our clients, it is our obligation to keep our promise, respect agreement and meet clients’ needs more than expected; to accomplish win-win with our staff, it is our duty to embrace them with trust, respect their personalities, fulfill their life needs and achieve commitments for them. Make company the place where dreams can be reached.
Lead sustainable development, return shareholders
Sustainability is the fundamental concept of our company business layout. Here sustainability and innovation are highly valued, and we construct our industrial chain based on them. They are also the driving force of profit growth. With those two ideas, we repay our shareholders and society by conforming to the trend of national industry development, and promoting industrial reconstruction and upgrading. Our devotion to society makes us use our green product as the solution to society progress, balancing environment protection and development.

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