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Hunan Yu New Chemical Co., Ltd.

     Yu Xin chemical is a new environmentally friendly solvent products as the core business, to integrate petrochemical resources for the development of large-scale chemical enterprises, with more than 150 employees, the annual sales of over 2000000000 yuan. Founded in December 2009, currently has 1 wholly-owned subsidiary of Huizhou Yu New Chemical Co., Ltd.. Subsidiaries located in Guangdong Huizhou Daya Bay State level Petrochemical Economic Park, was named the national high-tech enterprises, mainly the production of SEC butyl acetate and alkylate product, production plant total annual production capacity was, company's main partners for CNOOC and shell and CNOOC, products widely used in coatings, inks, resins, adhesives, pesticide, medicine, vinylon and other industries

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